Augustine Surgical Receives International Trade Award

Eden Prairie, MN, October 26, 2021

Augustine Surgical, Inc. (“ASI”) has been honored by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz as a recipient of the Governor’s
International Trade Award for building successful global markets. ASI manufactures medical devices, including HotDog® air-free patient warming and WaffleGrip® Warm & Secure™.

Augustine Surgical, Inc. (“ASI”) has been honored by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz as a recipient of the Governor’s International Trade Award for building successful global markets. ASI manufactures medical devices, including HotDog® air-free patient warming and WaffleGrip® Warm & Secure™.

Minnesota Trade Office Governor's International Trade Awards

The International Trade Award honors Minnesota companies showing exceptional progress and success in exports to foreign markets. The award recognizes the tremendous positive effect that exports and trade have on the Minnesota’s economy. ASI received the 2021 award in the category of Manufactured Goods: Small to Medium-Sized Company.

“ASI’s international sales into the healthcare market grew more than 41% in 2020 compared to the prior year,” said Dan Grewe, ASI’s Global Sales and Marketing Manager. “Our products are helping surgical patients and caregivers in 35 countries, and the list keeps growing.”

Gov. Walz and Commissioner Steve Grove, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development presented the awards at a ceremony in Minneapolis.

ASI’s international growth, said Gov. Walz, “helps ensure that Minnesota’s economy remains strong as we continue to showcase our ingenuity and innovation on the global stage.”

“Our international success,” said Dr. Scott Augustine, founder and CEO of ASI, “is a tribute both to the hard work of our team and the quality and safety of our technologies. Clinical professionals all around the world have recognized that HotDog Patient Warming, technology that doesn’t blow hot air–and pathogens—around the OR, is safer for patients and clinicians.”

“We are proud to help improve outcomes for surgical patients worldwide,” Dr. Augustine concluded, “and we appreciate the recognition and support from the Minnesota Trade Office.”

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Introducing the ComfortSeal Filter

Eden Prairie, MN, August 24, 2020

According to the FDA, cloth masks and surgical masks are, at best, “source control”—which means that they protect others from you…but do almost nothing to actually protect you.

The Victory Mask ComfortSeal Filter protects you and others! The high-efficiency, electrostatic Filter fits inside your face
mask, sealing around the mouth and nose—effectively turning the loose-fitting mask into a respirator.

“Cloth masks and surgical masks offer almost no protection from inhaled particles,” said Brent Augustine, President of Augustine Surgical, manufacturer of Victory Mask products. “A cloth mask only filters 2% to 38% of airborne particles, but a basic filter doesn’t completely fix the problem because air easily passes around a poorly fitting mask.”

The ComfortSeal Filter provides enhanced security…

  • Medical-grade foam seals around the nose and mouth, closing the gaps left by ordinary masks
  • Electrostatic filter fabric with 99.99975% viral filtration efficiency protects the breathing zone

…and enhanced comfort:

  • The foam blocks rising heat—reducing the fogging of glasses
  • The easy breathability of the fabric reduces the heat created by ordinary masks.

ComfortSeal Filter in Surgical Face Mask
ComfortSeal Filter in Cloth Face Mask

About ComfortSeal Filters by Victory Mask

ComfortSeal Filters now available for purchase. Visit the website at for more information. They are perfect for use by anyone wanting extra respiratory protection, especially those that come in close contact with numerous people. ComfortSeal Filters are 100% made in America. Patents Pending.

Introducing the COVEX™ Face Shield

Eden Prairie, MN, April 16, 2020

Front-line healthcare workers facing the Covid-19 pandemic now have new protection. Augustine Surgical Inc has introduced the COVEX™ Face Shield and Respirator—a single, integrated device that comfortably protects facial orifices and respiration.

“Reports of severe shortages of PPE along with photos of the bruised faces of doctors and nurses who have worn an N95 mask all day are widespread, and they were very concerning to us,” said Brent Augustine,
President of Augustine Surgical. “The respirator on the Covex Shield is so soft and conformable that it can be safely worn for longer periods of time while providing more complete protection.”

The COVEX Shield provides enhanced security by protecting all of the
vulnerable orifices of the face.

  • The clear shield helps guards the eyes from droplets.
  • The respirator provides an effective seal around the nose and mouth, and the breathing zone is protected by a high-efficiency filtration fabric
  • The foam mask and securement straps provide comfortable protection that can be worn during long, active days.
  • The mask seals easily around the nose and mouth without damaging the face.

The Shield and mask are reusable and easily cleaned. The disposable filter media can be replaced inexpensively.

“Face masks have barely changed since the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918,” said Dr. Scott Augustine, anesthesiologist and inventor of the COVEX Shield—and holder of more than 200 patents in the medical device field. “I modeled the COVEX respirator on anesthesia masks: they’re comfortable, fit well, and create a great seal.”

Augustine Surgical has begun to ramp up production in its Eden Prairie, MN manufacturing facility. “Our nearterm goal,” said Mr. Augustine, “is to produce millions of filters a month.”

“I’m incredibly proud of our team for decisively reacting to the emergency call for more PPE supplies for our heroes on the front line of the COVID-19 war,” said Dr. Augustine. “We all must do our part to help during this crisis.

“To those healthcare workers: we, and every American, cannot thank you enough…but you deserve more than thanks. You deserve the very best protection from the virus. We believe that the COVEX face shield is that protection.

“We at Augustine Surgical are proud to help keep you safe…while you work to keep the rest of us safe.”

About COVEX Face Shield

The COVEX Face Shield is now available for purchase. Visit the website at for more information. The COVEX Shield is designed to meet all FDA standards, not merely the Enforcement Policy for Face Mask and Respirators During the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency. The Company is in the process of doing NIOSH testing, but it has not been completed yet. See the website for product specifications. The COVEX Shield is 100% made in America. Patents Pending.

Introducing Augustine Surgical Inc.

Eden Prairie, MN, August 1, 2018

Augustine Surgical Inc. has acquired Augustine Temperature Management, LLC and all of its assets, including the HotDog® Patient Warming System, the market-leading conductive-electric warming product. Augustine Temperature Management is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Augustine Surgical.

“We started the company 10 years ago in the field of Temperature Management, but since then we have innovated and grown well beyond temperature management to making surgery safer during the entire perioperative process,” says Dr. Scott Augustine, CEO of Augustine Surgical.

Augustine Surgical includes the same team that has pioneered innovative medical technologies for the last 10 years—just with a new corporate structure and new name. “We’re very fortunate to have an exceptional team of talented people, and that team remains intact throughout this change. Our customers can expect the same great service with only improvements in the long-run,” says Brent Augustine, President of Augustine Surgical.

The new name, Augustine Surgical, reflects the company’s broader focus on surgical healthcare products beyond temperature management. The company is developing several innovative products that fit the focus on making surgery safer. “A suite of integrated surgical patient safety products will soon complement our best-in-class patient warming system, expect some interesting news ahead” says Garrett Augustine, VP of R&D.

“Making Surgery Safer,” the company’s new slogan, emphasizes the strategic focus of the organization. “This is a very exciting time for the company with our focus on surgical safety for patients as well as for healthcare providers,” says Dr. Augustine. “Our innovative products are always designed for improving outcomes, making surgery safer, and providing value-added solutions that are cost effective.”

There’s a story behind the new logo, which was inspired by three intersecting circles representing these foundational elements of the company. “It reminds us that we need to stay focused on our core values and do what we do best. And it creates an image of a safe surgical patient. After all,” continues Brent Augustine president of ASI, “patient safety is what we are all about.”

About Augustine Surgical, Inc

Dr. Scott Augustine, CEO of Augustine Surgical and inventor of the HotDog technology, is the world’s expert in patient temperature management, having also invented Bair Hugger forced-air warming over 30 years ago. Augustine Temperature Management was formed in 2010 to commercialize the HotDog Patient Warming system worldwide. Augustine Surgical Inc is dedicated to Making Surgery Safer.

About HotDog Patient Warming

HotDog Patient Warming is a breakthrough technology using electrically conductive fabric to prevent and treat perioperative hypothermia. HotDog delivers the ABCs: Air-free, Better Warming, Cost Effective.

  • Air-free–Warm patients safely with air-free HotDog patient warming. 11 studies link forced-air warming to increased airborne contaminants in the surgical field. HotDog’s patented technology is the safe air-free patient warming alternative.
  • Better Warming—HotDog is the only system that warms above and below the patient simultaneously for a more versatile and effective warming solution. In multiple trials, HotDog has shown a 96.2% normothermia rate.
  • Cost Effective—HotDog significantly reduces warming costs in comparision to forced-air and water products.

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